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Dubá (Starý Berštejn) Castle


After year 1257, he acquired Dubá Častolov from Zittau from the Ronovec family. One of his sons, Jindřich, also called Hynek, was the owner of Dubá from 1276 to 1286. He probably had a castle built on a promontory by the pond, according to which he changed the name of this branch of the family to the lords of Dubá. When his descendants shared the property after 1309, Duba was inherited by Hynek (nicknamed Berka), who, however, lived in Prague and at the castle in Kłodzko. In 1327, he acquired Lipý Castle (in today's Česká Lípa), which became his family seat (the predicate was later changed to the Lords of Dubá and Lipá). After Hynek's death in 1348, Dubá passed into the hands of Jindřich of Dubá, who did not live in the castle - he also owned the castles of Jestřebí and Houska. The Dubá estate existed until the end of the 14th century, when it disappeared during the further division of property.

It is not known when the castle disappeared. Allegedly at the end of the 18th century, the ramparts and foundations of the castle, which was square in plan and probably wooden, were supposed to be visible. However, August Sedláček did not find any traces during his visit to the place at the end of the 19th century. In the lower part of the old cemetery was a Romanesque rotunda from the middle of the 13th century, serving the inhabitants and lords of the castle. After 1713 the castle served other purposes, there was a granary and an ossuary and it was finally demolished.