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Gutštejn Castle

The Gutštejn castle was founded around 1300 as a manor house of Lords of Gutštejn. The first written mention of the castle and its owner is from 1319, when the Teplá abbot rented Jetrich I. of Gutštejn and his son Sezema three villages. 
In 1422, Jan Žižka and Prague inhabitants besieged the castle and conquered the castle.


After Jan of Gutštejn death in 1453 his brother Burian acquired the castle. In the meantime, he became very rich. He have the castles Bělá, Rabštejn nad Střelou, Nečtiny, Tachov and Komberk was also the regional governor in the Žatec and Pilsen regions and administered the Chotěšov monastery. Although he was a Catholic, after 1448 he joined the side of George of Podebrady. In 1450 he managed to capture a messenger near Stříbro with a letter incriminating Oldřich II. from Rožmberk from organizing the intervention of foreign troops in Bohemia, and thus allowed the king to political isolation of his adversary.


His son Burian called "the rich" acquired other estates in Bohemia and Bavaria, in 1465 joined the unity of the mountain and led negotiations with the emperor Frederick III. He then briefly supported the Hungarian King Matthias, but after the accession of Vladislav Jagelonský to the Czech throne he joined his side. Already in 1472 he became the chief chamberlain of the kingdom and in 1477 led Vladislav's army, which failed to conquer Pilsen occupied by Matthias's troops. In 1485 he became supreme chancellor. He left five sons: Burian, Jan, Jetřich, Volf, Kryštof (Christopher) and Jindřich (Henry).


black and crosses - the oldest brickwork from the first half of the 14th century

hatching - masonry from the 15th and early 16th centuries.

Lords of Gutštejn owned the castle until 1549, when the castle was bought by Hanuš Elpognar of Bezdružice. In 1550s is the castle Gutštejn mentioned as deserted, after the 30years war it became a ruin. The Gutstejn family die off in 1747.