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Jestřebí Castle

The picturesque ruins of the once massive Jestřebí castle stand on a high sandstone rock near Mách lake. The castle was built by Jindřich Berka from Dubá in the 13th century. The castle is located 9 km southeast of the district town of Česká Lípa and 6 km northwest of the town of Doksy, at an altitude of 259 meters.

Jestřebí is one of the oldest castles in Českolipska, built by the first generations of the Ronov family. In Jestřebí, today you will see the scanty remains of the once massive rock castle. About ¼ of its original size has been preserved to this day. It is interesting that in the Middle Ages it stood in the middle of difficult-to-pass swamps, while today there are a number of houses around it.


In 1426, the castle was conquered by the Hussites together with the nearby Česká Lípa. They entrusted him to the care of their hetman Jindřich Hlaváč of Dubá, after the Hussite wars, Čeněk of Dubá was here, who together with the Vartenberks and Mikeš Pancíř of Sloup undertook robbery expeditions to Lusatia. Lusatia retaliated with a punitive expedition to Bohemia. Before them, Čenek quickly sold the castle to Jan Smiřické, the commander of the Litoměřice garrison. He was later executed for treason, but his descendants kept the estate here for the next 40 years. In 1491, Kryštof from the Vartenberk family bought the castle and added it to his neighboring estate. Fifty years later, exactly in 1547, it was referred to as deserted.


The castle was built on two stepped rock platforms. Its former full size predestined it for the construction of a fortified residence. The upper rock block is not accessible - there are the remains of a tower and a palace. Only the lower crag is accessible from the torso of the castle, the steep spiral steps behind the romantic arched portal pass through the former castle well.


plan of the castle, autor: Tomáš Durdík

The remains of other buildings and carved spaces are mostly illegible today. In addition to the weather, it was especially helped by people - a rock with a castle in the 18th century. they broke for building material. Unstable rock overhangs were torn off many times.