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Klabava Castle

Klabava is a ruin of a castle that stood over the river Klabavou u Ejpovic in the Rokycany district. It is located on the right side of the Klabava river valley at an altitude of 360 meters. The castle was built before 1331, when it was bought by a Pilsen burgher Konrád of Dobřany. After him, the Ejpovice lords Štěpán and Zifrid are mentioned only in 1375. Four years later, the castle was owned by Ctibor of Švamberk, after whom it was inherited by his sons, the last of whom Jindřich lived in the castle in 1414. During the 15th century, the descendants of Bozděch of Šťáhlav took turns in the castle. In 1537, only the courtyard is mentioned instead of the castle, and later in 1591 the castle is referred to as a derelict chateau.


The small castle stood on a promontory above the river Klabava. Its main building was a residential tower (donjon), the masonry of which has been partially preserved. In an engraving from 1844, František Alexandr Heber captured extensive remains of masonry with pockets on the beams. In 1861, part of the fort was destroyed by the construction of the Prague-Pilsen railway line. Due to its size and simplicity, the castle was close to a small mannor house.