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Archaeological experiment in the Czech Republic

Magazine "Reconstruction and Experiment in Archeology. Live in Archeology is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It was founded in 2000, at that time only Reconstruction and Experiment in Archeology. The original aim of the magazine was to support the development of an archaeological experiment in the Czech Republic and to give the authors space for an issue-oriented publication that was long on the edge of archaeological interest. It turned out, however, that in the small environment of Czech archeology, the author's exhaustion soon became apparent in the field of experimentation and reconstruction. In 2004, the magazine responded by dividing one magazine into two separate series. The international format of the magazine under the name EuroREA (now EXARC journal http://journal.exarc.net/ published by EXARC http://exarc.net/) has extended its geographical scope. The Czech format, under the title supplemented by the combination of Live Archeology, preserved the orientation of the magazine, but in the sense of a broader concept of archaeological experiment, reconstruction, interpretation and presentation of archaeological sources.

Experimental Archeology - Plowing from the Bronze Age

How to build the Middle Ages

A time-lapse documentary film about the construction of a medieval house from the 14th century. Experimental archeology in practice, construction of a house according to medieval technologies. The film was shot in 2009 - 2013 in the Central Experimental Archeology Villa Nová in Uhřínov pod Deštnou in the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory).