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Bohemia Manor - Chesapeake



The town was originally named by Bohemian colonist Augustine Herman the Village of Bohemia — or Bohemia Manor — but the name was changed in 1839 after the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (C&D Canal) was built in 1829. Today, the town contains numerous old homes from that era that have been converted into bed and breakfasts, restaurants and the local historical museum.


Bohemia Manor High School is today a public school operated by Cecil County Public Schools located approximately one mile south of the small town of Chesapeake City in Cecil County, Maryland. This is a small school of 685 students which shares its campus with Bohemia Manor Middle School. This school serves the Maryland communities of Chesapeake City, Cecilton, Galena, and parts of Elkton. The school is also known by the nickname "Bo Manor".In the 17th century, a surveyor named Augustine Herman made one of the first maps of Cecil County, where the school resides. In the 18th century, a plantation called Bohemia Manor was located only a few miles from the school grounds.


  Bohemia River and Chateau Bu-De Winery and Vineyard