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Golden Mammoth, Prize of Karel Absolon

The Golden Mammoth, Prize of Karel Absolon is a joint project of three major institutions of archeology in the Czech Republic. The partnership of the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno, v. I., The Moravian Museum and the Institute of Archeology and Museology combines the research, educational and collection objectives of archeology, as well as academic, university and museum environments. The aim of the closed partnership is to motivate archaeologists at all levels of archaeological science and in all professional institutions to develop creative and attractive popularization activities that legitimize the irreplaceable and social contribution of archeology in the modern world.

That is why we annually announce the Golden Mammoth Prize, which will highlight the best popularization results of the respective calendar year. The basic principles of the competition are an integral part of the Statute. The detailed rules of the competition for the current year are regularly updated and posted together with the annual official announcement of the competition.

The Golden Mammoth Prize is announced in three categories, each of which is guaranteed by one of the partners. Three best results are awarded in each category. The first prize in each category is also awarded with a financial reward.





Dear Cotestant,
Please, consider following recommendations when signing up for a project. The abstract should be structured to the following information:
Project Objectives (Briefly One Sentence)
• Annotation (500-1000 characters recommended range)
• What target group is the project targeted for?
• What is the language version of the project?
• Reach (attendance, cargo, etc.)
• Links to sites, videos, or other resources

Image attachments, photos, web previews and more, please upload them to pdf. For attachments, please note their value in order to assess the quality and impact of the action or the feat. For example, attach a selection of several chapters or a full pdf to the monographie, enclose the foto with the copyright page,  a way the installation and interaction with the visitors, etc. at the festival or experience activities.


The year 2019 is closed. Other registration will be available for the new year from February next in 2020.