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Menhir "Petrified Shepherd" near the village of Klobuky

Menhir consists of rusty brown medium-grain sandstone with ferrous putty. Its height is about 340 cm (70 cm recessed in the ground), the width at its widest point about a meter. The weight of the menhir is about 5 tons. The Czech geologist J. N. Woldřich claimed in the 19th century that the erected stone is a remnant of a very dense and weathering core of Permian sandstones (such as the well-known rock formations of Poklička near Kokorin). He was opposed by J. L. Píč, who had the stone excavated in 1898 and it turned out that the stone was erected artificially - it was set in a sandy layer above the bedrock. Menhir is probably from prehistoric age.