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South Moravian Museum in Znojmo


Since its inception in 1878, the town museum began collecting monuments of the past of Znojmo, which was presented to the public in its first exposition opened in 1889. Since 1910 the collections, thanks to the custodian Anton Vrbka, have found their location at the Znojmo castle. The entire castle together with the memorable rotunda was acquired by the museum in 1920.

The change of its name to the South Moravian Landscape Museum in 1931 reflects the extension of the museum's activities to the whole region.  After the Second World War, the museum gradually acquired the character of a specialized institute and expanded its expositions and depositories. Today it houses about 300,000 collection objects created by the research and acquisition activities of the natural and social sciences of the museum.

The Department of Botany, Geology and Zoology focuses on research and documentation of the living and inanimate nature of the region, including the territory of the Podyjí National Park. In addition to its own research activities, Archeology also performs tasks in the field of archaeological monument care. The rich art and historical collections are cared for by the workplaces of history and art history.

The museum library also holds in its collections rare old prints from the office of the Premonstratensian monastery in Louka. The extensive photo archive with a number of often unique shots of a number of locations throughout the district is managed by the contemporary documentation department. Conservation laboratories take care of further conservation of the collections. With its presentation activity, the South Moravian Museum is one of the major cultural institutions of the city and the region.