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Terezín - newly found documents from the Jewish ghetto

During the reconstruction of the house in Terezín, letters were found for a woman who had been interned by the Nazis in the Terezín ghetto. Among the valuable things were transport cards, official documents and small objects of Terezín prisoners, some documents are from Austria-Hungary times. It were be on the  beneath the floor. Informed about it the co-owner of the house, collector and a member of the Club of Military History Jiří Smutný, who discovered rare documents.




The most interesting were  letters, there were 15. They were addressed to a  lady who was imprisoned in the ghetto. The letters came from Italy and Austria. The addresate was the Jewish prisoner Anna Hönigsberg. The letters were written by her relatives. Fortunately for the lady, she survived the war.

Among the found things are also a straw mattress, suitcase, transport tickets, bottles from the Terezín brewery and a number of small items of daily use.

The Terezín fortress was founded in 1780 by Emperor Joseph II. During World War II, the Nazis established a Jewish ghetto here. Between 1941 and 1945 they interned 155,000 Jews from all over Europe. Over 117,000 people of them did not survive until then time of liberation. 32,000 men and women passed through the Gestapo Prison in the Small Fortress. 2600 of them died in Terezin.