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The Jornal "Památky archeologické"

The journal Památky Archeologické first occurred in 1854. The Journal generally publishes longer original scientific works of supra-regional significance from the fields of archeology and related scientific disciplines, along with critical and informative reviews of publications with a similar thematic orientation.

The journal was founded at the starting of the development of archeology discipline, its the content changed and evolved with the development of archaeological discipline from the character magazine more or less of national history to the form of a highly professional periodical. Its stand on the top of Czech archaeological publication and is one of the most important Central European archaeological journals. Památky archeologické publishes extensive original scientific work of supra-regional significance in the field of archeology and related scientific disciplines, as well as critical and informative reviews of publications with a similar thematic focus.

Since 1946 the Monuments have been archaeological peer-reviewed journal, ie. the editorial board is reviewed each a scientific work  

The journal is included in the Arts and Humanities Citation Index® (Web of Science®) by Thomson Reuters. It is also presented in the international citation indexes: Anthropological Literature, Anthropological Index Online, ERIH and Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.

The editors also publish a non-periodical series of Supplementa. In the years 1995–2005, the edition of Ruralia I – V was published within this series.

To mark the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Archaeological Monuments (2004), the publisher (Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) has prepared a complete electronic version of all years of the journal from 1854 to 2004: more than 50,000 A4 pages including images made available in PDF format and linked to the revised interactive bibliography reviews (about 5000 titles of titles and over 4000 reviews titles) on five DVDs.