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Underwater Archaeology in the Czech Republic VI.- Orlické Zlákovice

by Petr Hřebejk and  Jiří Soukup

Orlické Zlákovice St. Wenceslas Chapel - The single-nave chapel with a prismatic turret was built in 1904 and its dimensions resemble a small church. It was dedicated to St. Wenceslas. The bell and the altar were removed before the flood. The turret was demolished to the level of the chapel nave. The old linden beside the chapel was defeated. The uprooted tree stump is still there. The chapel is at a depth of 58 m and the dive to it is only suitable for experienced technical divers.


The village of Orlické Zlákovice used to be located at the bottom just off the dam of the Orlík dam. The village before the flooding of dam was destroyed, with only two buildings left. Mr. Trkovsky's farm and St. Wenceslas Chapel.