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Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic - AIS CR

Since 2017, when the Archaeological Map of the Czech Republic was put into operation, there have been 37,505 * records of events in the "A" accessibility mode (anonymously accessible to anyone without logging in). On the maps below you can see an overview of the current state of data in the AMCR and their representation across archaeological periods. The individual points represent geolocations of actions (ie PIAN = spatial identification of archaeological finds) colored according to the component (which carries information about the given dating).




For now, in the AMCR you will find information on research carried out after the year 2000 in the Czech Republic, resp. after 2009 in Moravia and Silesia. Retrospective data are supplemented gradually (for the Czech Republic, most of the data is already available, for Moravia and Silesia, the data will be added continuously in connection with their digitization and processing).

▪️Data archived in the AMCR can be easily viewed in the Digital Archive of the AMCR on: https://digiarchiv.aiscr.cz/home

▪Metadata in this form can be obtained via a publicly available API service. You can find more about the API here on: https://api.aiscr.cz/

* Note. Events without dating and with indefinite dating were not included in the maps, eg "Neolithic-Eneolithic", etc.