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Archaeologists have discovered a Celtic warrior's grave near Brandýs nad Labem

Archaeologists have discovered the brand of a Celtic warrior's grave near Brandýs nad Labem with preserved weapons - a sword, spear and shield. A find dating from the fourth century BC was found during a survey prior to the construction of a planned bypass. The remains were taken to a laboratory where they will be examined with anthropologists.


The warrior received the equipment to the grave. "It is an iron sword in the scabbard, then the whole spear and also the shield of the warrior," describes the researcher Lukáš Baloun.

Archaeologists have also found a bracelet on the warrior's arm, which was usually placed only in women's graves. "It's really something that is not common and he will find analogies for us now," Baloun explains.

Experts carefully pulled the fragile findings out of the pit. Now they will make an X-ray scan and examination in the laboratory before they go to the Museum of Brandýs town.