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Kings of the Sun - teaser

The Sun Kings exhibition is an exceptional international project that documents the greatest archaeological discoveries of Czech Egyptologists connected with the research of the Egyptian Abusir, an ancient royal burial ground adjacent to Giza in the north and to Sakkara in the south.

Visitors will be introduced to rich loans from world museums - from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, from the Great Egyptian Museum in Giza, from museums in Berlin, Leipzig, Hanover, Heidelberg, Hildesheim and Frankfurt am Main. Also on display will be objects that the National Museum acquired as a Czechoslovak stake in the finds made by the expedition of Charles University in Abusir. Treasures from the 3rd to the 1st millennium BC will be exhibited, such as the unique royal statue of King Raneferef, one of the four pharaohs buried in Abusir, or an extensive collection of statues from the tombs of Princess Sheretnebt and the scribe Nefer.


In Egyptian history, the rulers of the 5th Ancient Egyptian Dynasty (ca. 2435–2306 BC) are referred to as sun kings, and they are inextricably linked to the Abusir site, where a royal burial ground with three pyramids was built during their reign. Visitors will be able to explore the rich relief decoration, equipment, as well as the normal operation of these pyramid complexes thanks to the exhibited objects, but also with the help of audiovisual materials.