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Great Moravian elites from Mikulčice

source: http://asep.lib.cas.cz/arl-cav/cs/detail/?zf=TF_UN_RIV&idx=cav_un_epca-3*0541123


The Great Moravian Elites from Mikulčice (GME) is a collective monograph by 35 authors. It provides a comprehensive interdisciplinary account of the social elites in early medieval Mikulčice. The first part of the book describes Great Moravia as a power-political formation on the periphery of the ninth-century Carolingian Empire from a historical point of view. The following two parts bring archaeological evidence that Mikulčice served as both the seat and burial ground of the Moravian princes, with several categories of finds, primarily from graves, revealing signs of power, wealth and worship. The final part presents the results of bioarchaeological research into the skeletal remains from several hundred supposedly elite graves at Mikulčice.