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Czech Archaeological Society

The Czech Archaeological Society brings together those interested in the archeology of prehistoric times, classical antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times - all who care about the knowledge, protection, rescue and professional use of archaeological monuments underground and on the surface. ČAS (founded in 1991) is the successor of the Czech Republic Company. of prehistorians (established in 1919), respectively Czechoslovak Archaeological Society at CSAV (1956) and a member of the Council of Czech Scientific Societies at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. All its members - professional, non-professional and collective (museums, interest groups, etc.) have the same rights and can thus cooperate for the benefit of a common cause. After paying the membership fee, the member receives ČAS publications for free - usually 2 booklets of Reports with information about events in and outside ČAS and 4 volumes of the Supplement series (inventories of museum and other collections, bibliographies of archaeological contributions in various magazines, methodological aids for archaeological work, etc.) , invitations to lectures and various meetings organized by ČAS etc. Members work together in regional regional branches according to their place of residence and place of work, or in professional working groups focused on sub-issues of archaeology. They also have significant discounts on publications published by the Archaeological Institute of the Czech Republic. ČAS does not want to be a mass society, it chooses its members from those who are genuinely interested, who in relation to the monuments of the past do not prioritize personal material interests over common professional and cultural interests and who have no intention of harming the monuments. It therefore requires two members of the professional section to sign a non-professional member's application. However, this is not an obstacle for any serious lover of archeology - we would be happy to welcome him in our ranks.