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Jiří Zeman died

Jiří Zeman (born on November 28, 1929) belonged to a strong generation of archaeologists of the 1960s (Buchvaldek, Smetánka, Sláma, Hejna, Bouzek, Mr. and Mrs. Zápotocký, Mr. and Mrs. Pleiner). His working life was mainly connected with the Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Prague, he also worked as a teacher at the Institute of Prehistory and Early History, Faculty of Arts, Charles University (today's Institute of Archeology) and he also worked in the National Museum. 

Jiří Zeman has led or participated in leading a number of archaeological excavations. He specialized mainly in the Late Bronze Age, the period of migration of peoples and the Czech lands in Roman times. He also participated in the preparation and implementation of the Great Moravia exhibition, which became the world's largest presentation of Czechoslovak archeology in the 1960s. His publications continue to be a valuable source of information on research into archaeological sites from the beginnings of settlement in the Czech lands.

Honor his memory.