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Neolithic rondel in Vinoř

source: https://www.arup.cas.cz/pravek-pred-ocima-na-okraji-prahy-odkryvaji-archeologove-rondel-unikatni-stavbu-z-doby-kamenne/

Rondel, scientists in Prague-Vinoř have been researching since July. Research on the nearly seven thousand year old circular architecture has so far demonstrated exceptionally well-preserved remains and an unusual floor plan with three entrances. The scope of the field work is also unique: archaeologists will gradually uncover the building in almost its entirety.


The Rondel of Vinoř  has a diameter of 55 m, and is unusual in its layout, as it is one of the few that has three entrances. Remains of the palisade grooves into which the central wooden structure was originally embedded have been preserved. Rondel in Vinoř was discovered in the 1980s during the construction of utility networks. Scientists had the opportunity to examine a small part during the next rescue research ten years later. The interdisciplinary survey then continued with geophysical measurements of the overall shape of the areal and its immediate surroundings.


We also know from previous salvage research that there is a housing estate inhabited for at least 300-400 years in the northeast direction from the roundel. We know other similarly dated housing estates within a radius of five kilometers.

3D reconstruction of the Kolín Neolithic Roundel

More information: Mgr. Miroslav Kraus, head of research Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague kraus@arup.cas.cz +420 730 152 141 M.Sc. Jaroslav Řídký, Ph.D., Department of Prehistoric Archaeology, Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague ridky@arup.cas.cz +420 734 445 333