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Porta Bohemica

source: https://pamatkovykatalog.cz/hradiste-hradek-a-hradiste-trikrizovy-vrch-18033364 /on line/

Porta Bohemica or "Gate of Bohemia" is the name for the canyon-like Elbe Valley, which with its meanders creates a really beautiful natural scenery. It is located about 5 km from Litoměřice downstream of the Elbe. Porta Bohemica can be seen from many places, for example from the church in Dubice (left bank of the Elbe) or from the hill Kalvárie near Velké Žernoseky (right bank of the Elbe).


Hillfort (1500 BC) and early medieval fotifieds ettlement in a dominant position above the Elbe in the passage of trade routes above the so-called Czech Gate. The two-part locality with a separate acropolis is identified with the mythical territory of the Lučany tribe and sometimes connected with the Canburg fort.

Hradiště u Libochovan is situated in a dominant position above the river Elbe, in places of trade routes passing through the so-called Czech Gate (Porta Bohemica). Hrádek and Calvary Hill is surrounded by the river Elbe from the south and west, and in the east the fort is protected by a steep ravine.


The Acropolis was located on Tříkřížový vrch, where three modern crosses - Calvary - have stood since modern times. Most of the fort is located on the adjacent hill Hrádek, separated from the acropolis by a ravine. Its fortifications, consisting of a pair of distinctive ramparts and moats, are not exactly dated, but the area was used both in prehistory and in the early Middle Ages. A collection of weapons (especially swords) from the Bronze Age comes from the Elbe riverbed below the fort, which were probably placed in the river as offerings. In the 9th century, the locality was supposed to belong to the mythical territory of the Lučany tribe and is sometimes connected with the Canburg fortified settlement, to which the Frankish King Charles the Younger marched according to written sources in 805.