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The Long mound from the Late Stone Age

Source: Vesmír /on-line on: https://vesmir.cz/cz/casopis/archiv-casopisu/2022/cislo-9/eneoliticka-mohyla-pod-ripem.html/

As part of a project investigating the ritual landscape below Řípem (Vesmír 99, 515, 2020/9), archaeologists uncovered a so-called long mound from the Late Stone Age near the village of Račiněves. The funerary monument is over 120 m long and is exceptional in the Central European context for the presence of a hollow space in the eastern part (pictured), which was used for ritual purposes - similar to megalithic tombs in northwestern Europe. In the mound, archaeologists discovered the grave of (probably) an archer and the grave of a woman about a thousand years younger. "This burial shows that the long barrows were probably in the landscape for hundreds or even thousands of years and were still used for burying and worshiping the cult of ancestors," says archaeologist Jan Turek.