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History of Czech Archaeology



Václav Dobruský

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Jindřich Wankel and Princess from "Býčí skála" Cave

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Tycho de Brahe exhumation in 2010

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Karel Absolon and Moravian Karst

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Vincenc Častoslav Chvojka discoverer of the Trypillia culture

Chvojka's greatest achievement was the discovery of a new culture, the so-called "Trypillia", named after a site near Tripolje on the banks of the Dnieper River under Kiev. He also carried out excavations at the burial sites of the Chernjachov-Zarubin type in 1898-1900. Two years he worked on research in the old Kiev castle and pagan temple found by him, gaining great popularity with his discovery and archaeological the settlement of Prince Vladimir's residence in Kiev and the first Christian temples in Russia from the 11th and 12th centuries in Bělogorka.

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Jaroslav Petrbok and the fossilized brain of Neaderthal man from Gánovce

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Stránská skála near Brno and Woldřich Cave

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Hussite Wars in Film - Battle of Tabor, 15 century

The letter from King Sigismund ordering Oldřich of Rožmberk to demolish city Tábor

Against All (Czech: Proti všem) is a 1956 Czechoslovak drama film directed by Otakar Vávra. It is based on the novel Proti všem by Alois Jirásek.

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Bohunicien Culture

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The sarcophagus opening in the tomb of Iufaa in Abusir

Czech Egyptology celebrates a hundred years of existence


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