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Discovered by Kouřim, documentary film

Documentary / Short Czechoslovakia, 1953, 14 min Director: Alan František Šulc Cinematography: Alois Jiráček



The first archaeological excavations were conducted here at the beginning of the 20th century by Josef Ladislav Píč. Detailed research of this locality was carried out in 1948–1958 and 1961–1962 by Miloš Šolle. He wrote the popular scientific publication Kouřim over the ages about the findings, acquainting him with the development of the prehistoric settlement of Stará Kouřim.



The first Slavs have appeared on the Stará Kouřim hill since the 6th century. They used the older fortification and further expanded the fortifications. In the 9th century, Stará Kouřim became a center of power. The entrance to the fort was a double gate with a tower and narrow passages on the sides. In front of the fortification ramparts was a massive moat 5 meters deep and 12 meters wide. In the area of ​​the gate, the moat was bridged by a wooden bridge. Around the year 900, the fort was burned down and a few decades later re-fortified and rebuilt. At the top of the hill, on the site of a burned-out long hall building, large log buildings were erected - the duke's residence. During the reign of Boleslav I in the middle of the 10th century, during the Přemyslid unification of Bohemia, Stará Kouřim also disappeared as a local center of power. The new fort, under the control of the Přemyslids, was founded on a neighboring hill in a locality called U svatého Jiří.