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Švédův stůl cave


The Švédův stul cave is located in the southern part of the Moravian Karst PLA in the Říčky valley near the Ochozská cave and the Pekárna cave. It is a short passage cave in a rock block. In addition to cave bears, hyenas and other animals, according to findings, the cave was inhabited by Neanderthals as early as 100,000 years ago, as well as younger cultures (Neolithic, Bronze Age). Bohuslav Klíma carried out archaeological research here.


The cave is one of our most important archaeological sites and is one of three sites of Neanderthal skeletal remains in the Czech Republic. These people lived in the local caves in the Říčky valley during the Early Stone Age. The cave is also considered to be a typical den of cave hyenas and bears, living here in the older Quaternary Mountains. In addition to Neanderthals, traces of people from younger cultures were discovered here.