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New project - Transformation of the strategy of settlement populating

Project: Transformation of the strategy of settlement populating  and using the landscape of the populations of the late Palaeolithic to the older Neolith


This project is based on already completed and published data collected, revised and many decades replenished in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it does not deal with the methodology of their field extraction or laboratory processing and focuses solely on the overall assessment of changes in the behavior of old populations in the given period and that is its main objective. The procedure chosen is economical in the analytical part, which naturally expires by taking over the already completed data.

The used, functionally simple statistical-geographic method the archaeological synthesis of the already processed data, allows us to observe the changes on a given territory and in time as continuous archeological events. The changes that have been made are evaluated as changes in the conditions and the resulting strategy. For this purpose, a large scale the territory needs to be selected. Respectively, we would  find that change has occurred and to what extent.

For this type of project, it is most convenient to process statistical data and compile analytical heatsmaps for the spatial delimitation of the monitored phenomenon. Interpretation of observed changes should be deduced from synthesis with other data such as climatological, archeogenetic, etc. data. In addition to other statistical methods, it is the most useful method of searching for hidden variables. It depends on the size and character of the files used.