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– the Association for all professional archaeologists of Europe and beyond! Please sign in if you are current member, or sign up for membership if you have not been member before.

The EAA has had over 11.000 members on its database from 60 countries world-wide working in prehistory, classical, medieval and later archaeology. Upon signing in, you can view EAA membership statistics, search your fellow members or interact with EAA Boards and Committees members. For any questions you might have about the EAA, please feel free to contact the EAA Staff.

The EAA has participatory status with the Council of Europe and joined the European Heritage Alliance 3.3 in 2017. The EAA sets the professional and ethical standards of archaeological work through its Statutes, Code of Practice, Principles of Conduct for Contract Archaeology, and Code of Practice for Fieldwork Training. The EAA Communitieshelp define important aspects of archaeological work through constant discussion and consultation with EAA membership at EAA annual conferences and EAA publications: the European Journal of Archaeology, Themes in Contemporary Archaeology monographs, and The European Archaeologists newsletter. 

The EAA awards the European Archaeological Heritage Prize and Student Award annually. The Oscar Montelius Foundation aims to promote the interests of EAA and its members.